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In the fall of 2005, Charles Waxberg was invited by the National Theatre of Mexico City to teach a five-day seminar in his specialty, Script Analysis.  It was attended by actors, directors, designers and producers who traveled from all over Mexico and Latin America to participate in this workshop.   Five topics were explored with scenes from ten plays performed by the participants.  In the morning were lecture, discussion, and questions, followed in the afternoon by scene presentations which were adjusted and used to manifest the concepts of that morning's topics.

Assisted in the creation and translated by Mexican performer and director, Maria Isabel Benet, the seminar was a major success and Charles is currently negotiating a return in 2006 to conduct a seminar in directing using the Stella Adler philosophy.  A play will be chosen with all rehearsals open to directors and designers to observe the collaborative creative process of theatre as developed by the legendary Group Theatre, of which Miss Adler was a founding member.





                                                       With Ms. Benet and some class participants.