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Fees for all classes are set on a sliding scale.


Private Instruction

Generally not for beginners, private classes are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the actor.

Coaching: A different process than teaching, coaching is for specific roles, auditions, or performances.  Because of his specialty in script analysis, and experience as a playwright, Charles is able to find the subtle clues toward strong choices, and through actor choice, rework the flattest scenes into subtle drama or comedy without violating the texts.  Actors who wish to have their choices refined, strengthened or varied work with Charles on finding the most theatrical, and intriguing truths to these parts.  This is a work-out session during which the actors are coached by a director, but more importantly, the actors and coach work together to explore and exercise the actor's choices and instincts so that Charles does not simply impose his interpretations on the uniqueness of your creation.

Instruction:  Experienced actors who find they want to expand limitations, strengthen their successes, explore unplayed characters, or risk new artistic and career steps work with Charles through monologues and occasionally scenework.  The focus is theatre rather than film because of the faster and more profound growth that actors experience playing great stage roles than film.  This is an ongoing class with a fixed meeting time and a clear, though flexible, plan of study. 


Classes are offered through THEATRE 9/12; for information, click the link.


Write to  or call (206) 332-7908 to for any questions or interest.